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Hackers find direct line to info

By Cao Yin  (China Daily)

08:29, April 06, 2012

Security faults blamed for boost in theft of personal data

Mobile phones will be hackers' main target in the future, according to a network security report.

About 7.12 million Internet-capable smartphones were infected with malicious programs in 2011 and the number has been increasing rapidly, according to the report by China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team.

The team found and terminated 6,249 malicious programs last year, more than twice as many as in 2010, the report said.

Hackers often designed software and applications to destroy mobile phone systems to get users' personal information, taking remote control of them and stealing bank account information or passwords, the report said.

More than 1,317 of the malicious programs were used to charge cell phone users fraudulent fees, the report said, adding that it is hackers' source of money.

According to the report, Nokia's Symbian and Google's Android mobile phone systems were targeted by hackers last year and the number of malicious applications aimed at the latter continues to grow.

Aside from mobile phones, social websites and online forums, which collect significant user information, have also become easy prey for hackers, the report said.

Hackers take advantage of poor network security to steal users' information and then sell their "booty" to transaction websites, which causes serious losses to netizens, the report said.

"Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone mainly used for surfing the Internet, which offers hackers tremendous financial opportunities," said Wang Minghua, deputy director of the operation department in the team.

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hackers have become mad.they have seen they cannot beat so lets disturb their progress.if we are beggars you will also remain beggars.we will not allow you to prosper.
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go go go webesters we have to show the world what is called as science.remember science is everything for us.only science nothing other than that.and please never publish david image again.we get frightened.will get out of david magic in some hours.

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