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Health warnings enlarged on cigarette packs, cartons

By Cheng Yingqi (China Daily)

15:38, April 02, 2012

Cigarette packages will now be displaying larger health warnings, part of government efforts to discourage smoking.

A casual visit by China Daily reporters to two tobacco stores in Beijing discovered both new and old packs on sale.

"Some tobacco producers changed to packs with larger warning marks, others were still supplying the old packs last month," said a tobacco dealer who refused to be named.

The new packaging standard replaced English warnings with Chinese ones, and requires the Chinese characters to be no smaller than 4 millimeters on cigarette cases and no smaller than 6.5 mm on cigarette cartons.

However, tobacco control activist Wu Yiqun did not find the new rule having any positive effects on tobacco control.

"Using the current warning, it won't work even if you enlarge the words 100 times," Wu said.

The warning reads: "Smoking is harmful to your health. Quit smoking reduces health risk".

"The warning does not include any information indicating to which degree smoking damages people's health. It should be 'smoking causes lung cancer', or 'smoking causes congenital deformity', as such information makes people think," Wu said.

Wu also urged adding pictures of diseased tissue to cigarette cases, which she called "the most economic and effective way of tobacco control".

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more ads should be put out to discourage people from smoking, specially the youth. Lung cancer has eaten up a lot of China"s health expenses. Movies should not include smoking scenes unless it is utmostly necessary.

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