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Qinghai to invest heavily in grassland recovery


15:05, April 01, 2012

XINING, April 1 (Xinhua) -- A pasturing province in northwest China has earmarked 1.95 billion yuan (309 mln U.S. dollars) for the restoration of degraded grasslands this year, local authorities said.

The bulk of the fund will be spent on subsidizing herders who have observed pastoral bans on degraded grasslands, said Zhang Huangyuan, head of the Qinghai Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Expanding human settlements and excessive herding have degraded Qinghai's 3.6 million square kilometers of grasslands, threatening the local agricultural development and the fragile eco system in the headwater area of the Yangtze, Zhang said.

The provincial government has said it plans to cut and resettle cattle in the overgrazed area by 6 million in three years.


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Bai Long at 2012-04-01173.234.215.*
Settling herders and fencing them into poorly built ghettos has resulted in grassland degradation. The point of this latest mistake you outline above is that again, the poor and powerless lose, and the Qinghai officials will add to their millions stashed away abroad and at home. You should report the reality, and not be just an announcer of what projects should be. You can play a key role with investigative reporting that lays bare corrupt officials shenanigans and, in this way, become a true PEOPLE"S newspapers.

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