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Ratio of male, female in China shows consecutive falls

By Li Xiaohong (People's Daily)

14:40, March 30, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

According to data published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the ratio of male and female in China first showed three consecutive falls in more than 30 years, that is 119.5 to 100 in 2009, 117.9 to 100 in 2010 and 117.8 to 100 in 2011.

It indicates that the comprehensive treatment measures in recent years have produced a marked result such as cracking down on the "two illegal actions" and the action of "Caring for Girls," said Zhang Jian, director of the Publicity and Education Department of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, in an interview with our reporter on Mar. 28, 2012. Currently, the ratio of male and female in China is still very high and therefore the state intervention must be taken to curb the unbalanced trend in short period of time.

The "two illegal actions" led to the unbalance of gender ratio, with over 10 percent of gap between male and female.

Yuan Xin, professor of the School of Population and Development Studies of Nankai University, said that the "two illegal actions" are the direct reason for the unbalanced gender ratio of born population.

According to population statistical data of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the sex ratio of the age group under 19 years old in China is seriously unbalanced. The number of Chinese males in marriageable age by 2020 will outnumber that of females by 24 million and then there will be thousands of males facing the difficulty of taking a wife.

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