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Betrothed babies

By Zhang Hui (Global Times)

09:16, March 30, 2012

A young boy and a girl enjoy a "date" as arranged by their parents.

Combine the ancient tradition of arranged marriages with the modern-day gender imbalance; add a dash of new-mother worrywarts, throw in a dollop of new technology and sure enough matchmaking websites for babies are born.

Cong Yuxin has been busy posting her 9-month-old son's photos online hoping to find him a "soul mate." Over the past week she's received five responses, four of them from expectant mothers who don't even know their baby's gender.

"There will be even more men than women in the future in China," said Cong, a full-time mom, who is anxious for her baby to meet other infants of the opposite sex.

"Even if my boy only finds puppy love and they don't end up living happily ever after, at least I found him a friend," Cong said.

Cong is just one of thousands of new mothers who have registered their child on websites like which gets right to point with messages like: "Say no to lonely babies, let's have a child marriage.", a website for young mothers, opened a new section offering baby matchmaking last December and has attracted more than 200 new moms. Fifty-five babies have been "successfully paired."

The participants not only post their baby's photos, they also provided private information such as the child's name, age and address. There is even a place to indicate the infant's hobbies, the most popular of which are thumb sucking, laughing and acting up.

The new moms can make and accept marriage proposals and the website will help the proud parents hold a wedding ceremony online. The website will also help the newly married infant couple go out for dinner or shop and travel, in the company of their parents and new in-laws of course, said Zhu Ying, who manages the website's online forum.

A mother in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, who successfully arranged the marriage of her 4-year-old son, posted photos of him kissing his 3-year-old "wife," as they were playing a game of prince and princess.

"My main purpose was to find friends for me and my son," said another mother surnamed Yang. "My son's 'marriage' only means a new friend, and I will certainly let him choose his Miss Right in the future."

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Fred Jansohn at 2012-03-30202.129.80.*
From what the current statistics are suggesting it is not the males who will have the luxury of choice, but the females!

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