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Former residences of notable figures must be protected: official


08:45, March 29, 2012

BEIJING, March 28 (Xinhua) -- A senior official with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage has stressed that notable figures' former residences, once listed as fixed cultural heritage, must be protected.

Li Yaoshen, head of the policy and regulation bureau under the administration, made the remarks Wednesday -- days after a district government in Beijing revoked its controversial decision to demolish the temporary residence of a late Chinese writer amid public outcry.

The No. 84 Courtyard on Zhuanta Hutong, or Zhuanta Lane, has been confirmed as the residence of Lu Xun, a 20th century literary master. Lu is said to have composed "New Year Sacrifice" during his short stay there.

The district government initially said it wanted to bulldoze the building to create public green space. It later vowed to restore the residence to its original appearance with the help of historical records and photos.

"The protection and management of famous people's former residences is a complicated issue that involves construction, urban planning, cultural relics and many other departments, and their treatments should be different in accordance with the building's different situations," Li said.

According to Li, some residences, after repetitious restorations, are no longer of their original appearance, and many renowned figures have multiple houses in one or more places.

Li urged cultural relics and heritage departments to map out detailed qualifications for famous people's former residences that should be protected while conducting deep research on the historical values of these buildings and listening to public opinions.


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