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Nation's new standard for video surveillance

By Tuo Yannan (China Daily)

14:08, March 28, 2012

A security camera image grabs produced using the Chinese SVAC standard developed by Vimicro International Corp. Chinese officials say security cameras play an important role in countering crimes and maintaining social stability. (China Daily Photo)

Country works to decrease reliance on foreign surveillance equipment

China's reliance on foreign surveillance equipment, standards and software may threaten the country's security, said government officials.

And that in turn may lead to a greater use of a Chinese-developed standard for compressing video surveillance footage.

China has no official standard governing the compression of video surveillance. Even so, Surveillance Video and Audio Coding, or SVAC, a standard that it took developers about two years to devise, has been in use by the government since May.

"China's security cameras play an important role in countering crimes and maintaining social stability," said Chen Chaowu, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security's first research institute.

"In some important areas and industries, we should avoid the risks to national security that might come from using overseas standards and products."

Video surveillance in China is still dominated by foreign companies, Chen said.

According to the market research company Frost & Sullivan, multinational corporations such as the US-based Cisco Systems Inc, the South Korea-based Samsung Group and the Japan-based Sony Corp, Canon Inc and Panasonic Corp command 80 percent of the Chinese market for such equipment.

Almost all foreign surveillance cameras use a coding standard known as H.264, which was established by the International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the United Nations, and has since been adopted by various countries and regions.

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