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Chinese migrant builds life in 'toilet home'


09:24, March 28, 2012

SHENYANG, March 27 (Xinhua) -- An unused hostel restroom has been home to a poor migrant worker in a sprawling Chinese city for six years.

Zeng Lingjun, now 33, has built a home for his family since moving into the restroom in Shenyang. He has brought in simple furniture, gotten married, and had a baby, who is now 14 months old.

In the space of less than 20 square meters, Zeng placed planks over the squat toilet and uses the planks as a bed, which faces a small television placed on a table between two urinals. He has also hung a clock on the porcelain wall.

On the opposite wall, Zeng has pasted a red paper cut-out of the Chinese character "xi", or happiness -- a Chinese tradition to court good luck.

"I am satisfied with what I have now," said Zeng, who came to Shenyang for work 13 years ago with only 50 yuan (8 U.S. dollars) in his pocket. "Life actually is better here than where I used to rough it out."

Zeng has rented the toilet from the hostel near Shenyang's long-distance bus station for 8,000 yuan a year since 2006. He was also given, for free, a space in front of the hostel where he sits on a stool and polishes shoes for ten yuan a pair.

Zeng brings in about 2,000 yuan a month from the job, nearly double the minimum wage set by the government of Shenyang.

Zeng's wife, Wang Zhixia, was a migrant worker herself, but chose to become a homemaker since late in her pregnancy.

Zeng told Xinhua that he is so content with life that he named his child "Deyi" -- which means satisfying one's desire.

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Ron at 2012-04-01113.231.241.*
This is a great article on China"s progress. A family gets to live in a toilet, the kid has eczema, and the wife is a homemaker in the toilet. I can"t wait to see what comes next

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