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More men go gym for fitness (4)

By Wu Yiyao in Shanghai (China Daily)

16:17, March 26, 2012

Despite the fact that online diet coaching services cost about 200 yuan a month, Zhong Fei, a 36-year-old financial services professional, bought the service without any hesitation when a friend recommended it.

"I am also thinking of keeping a dog to lose more calories when I walk it," said Zhong.

Some slimmers believe that losing weight has nothing to do with eating.

"I think all you need for weight-loss or slimming is a pair of good trainers so you can walk for an hour after dinner. I lost 15kg within nine months doing that," said Guo Shugang, a 65-year-old retired engineer from Shanghai's Zhabei district.

"Just keep walking and there will be no fuss over the side-effects of pills or losing the fun of eating," said Guo.

The benefits are no medical bills for obesity-related diseases and the wife's praise, said Guo.

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