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Free gold for villagers


13:45, March 23, 2012

Free gold and silver has been given to 3,000 villagers in Changjiang village in Jiangsu province, Modern Express reported on Friday.

It's the second time the village has handed out gold and silver after Li Liangbao, Party Chief of Changjiang village, promised to do so in 2009. Every villager who did not receive gold and silver in last distribution in November 2010 can get 100g of gold and 100g of silver.

Free safes were also handed out so villagers could keep their bullion safe.

Jiangsu Xinchangjiang Group, which ranks 195 in China's top 500 companies, is owned by the village that has already distributed villas, capital shares and money in past years.

The current price for gold on the stock market is nearly 400 yuan ($63.5) per gram.


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