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Donor aid guidelines to be issued

By Shan Juan (China Daily)

08:10, March 23, 2012

Guidelines covering aid and financial assistance to struggling families of deceased organ donors are set to be issued, said Hao Linna, vice-president of the Red Cross Society of China.

Designed to allay fears of "rewards" for donations, the guidelines will be issued soon by the Red Cross and the Ministry of Health, Hao told China Daily on Thursday.

The guidelines provide a policy framework to alleviate doubts caused by any concerns of financial rewards concerning donations and putting undue pressure on potential donors, she said.

Funding to match the guidelines will be established at a provincial level, with government support and offerings from the general public.

"The aid will take various forms, like exemption of medical bills or funeral expenses, and economic support for families in need," she explained.

"But there won't be a uniform standard due to the vast territory and the different economic and social development of the regions," she said.

The financial situation of the donor's family will be taken into account, she said.

Any aid can only be delivered upon application by donor families after verification, said Wang Ping, director of the society's relief and health department.

The application can only be made after the donation. This is to rule out any reward or precondition to lure someone to make a donation, he said.

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