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Police on trail of disappearing debt-ridden bosses

By Yang Jian (Shanghai Daily)

10:18, March 22, 2012

POLICE are pursuing two bosses who disappeared owing more than 800 million yuan (US$126.48 million) to banks and private money lenders.

Gu Chunfang, a trading company boss dubbed the "most beautiful boss" in Changshu City in eastern Jiangsu Province because of her looks, went missing at the beginning of the month after borrowing about 500 million yuan from private lenders and 100 million from banks and companies, the city government said yesterday.

In the other case, restaurant boss Zhou Siyang ran off at the end of February after borrowing 230 million yuan from banks and unknown amounts from the private sector.

"Local police have received many reports from citizens complaining about the two bosses. Some of them are taking court action," said the Changshu government, which has set up an investigation team.

Many residents, including business owners, complained that Gu cheated investors by making false promises of high returns at an annual interest rate of around 40 percent.

There were claims that her debts were much more than had been announced. Some said they could amount to around a billion yuan.

"Gu had told victims she would use the money to register companies, invest in projects and make loans," a private lender calling himself "Y" said on the city's online bulletin board.

Gu's Suzhou Kaiwailong Trading Limited Co was involved in businesses including cement, metals, lubricants, chemical fibers, daily commodities, fabrics and hardware. She also operated a clothing shop and a high-end manicure store that closed following her disappearance.

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