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Row over donation to save murderer

By Cao Yin (China Daily)

09:56, March 22, 2012

A lawyer has sparked a legal dispute after asking for donations to help a convicted murderer facing the death sentence.

Li Jinxing, a criminal lawyer from Shandong province, wrote a letter on his blog in December promising to use the donations to help the condemned man, Li Lei, come to an agreement with his victim's family.

So far he has raised 50,000 yuan ($7,900).

Early in 2008, Li Lei fell in love with Liang Yanqin, from Nanyang in Henan province. But after taking more than 20,000 yuan as dowry from Li Lei's family, the woman married another man. In November that year, Li Lei stabbed her to death with a knife.

In last June, the Henan provincial high people's court approved the death penalty for Li, now awaiting review by the Supreme People's Court.

"I just want to rescue my poor client," the lawyer Li Jinxing said. "Anyway, the victim did something wrong, and the evidence in the case also needs further examination, as it's not enough to justify the death sentence."

Also, the victim's family says it is willing to come to an agreement with Li Lei, who has raised a daughter alone from a previous marriage, and will forgive him if he compensates them further, said the lawyer.

In China, the principle of the Criminal Law is to decrease the number of death sentences and pass such a sentence prudently, Li Jinxing added.

"Now that the victim's family has agreed to forgive the defendant, and if the case can be resolved in such a way, I think it's better for both families," the lawyer said.

"I think there will be a good result."

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