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Premarital chastity backer seeks love on weibo


16:49, March 21, 2012

Tu Shiyou, a 38-year-old single woman who runs Preserve Virginity, a website dedicated to promoting virginity before marriage, posted a personal ad on Sina Weibo seeking a husband, reported Tuesday.

Tu listed six requirements for her future husband, which includes priority to a Party member or civil servant, no premarital sex, and no sex life in the first three years of marriage.

Tu's message sparked heated discussions and was forwarded almost 10,000 times in one hour on Sina Weibo.

Some netizens said that Tu will not find a husband on the basis of these requirements, and some said she is just trying to promote herself.

According to Tu, who is from Hubei province, she has no time to wait and turned to Sina Weibo to find a husband.


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PD User at 2012-03-2282.145.210.*
Two connot move together without agreement
Posibleeman at 2012-03-2282.145.210.*
Am interested in having her as a wife till death aparts us, am cool & is ready to render a selfless service unto her.

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