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Condom found in infant formula

By Zheng Xin (

15:57, March 21, 2012

A Hangzhou man got a rude shock while feeding his 14-month-old daughter recently.

Li Jiaming, 28, says he found half a condom in his daughter's formula, a brand of milk powder produced by American pharmaceuticals giant Abbott Laboratories.

"I was shocked when I discovered a condom in the baby's milk powder," said Li. "I stopped feeding her the milk powder and got her some rice porridge instead."

A representative of Abbott Laboratories visited Li's home last week. However, a spokesman denied "the possibility of this item entering the product during the manufacturing process", due to Abbott's "very stringent manufacturing methods and controls in place to prevent foreign material from entering the formulas".

Li sent a sample of the milk powder – Abbott's Grain Plus 3 formula – to a commercial bureau to be tested. The results are expected on Friday.

He also took his daughter to a hospital for blood tests after observing some erythema on her face, but said he doubted that it was caused by the milk powder.


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As an American, I recommend you do an internet search for "Syringe in Pepsi"

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