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China has nearly half a million NGOs


10:26, March 21, 2012

BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) -- The number of legitimately registered non-governmental organizations in China has grown from 354,000 to 460,000 over the past five years, the Minister of Civil Affairs said Tuesday.

Li Liguo, the minister, announced the figure at the national meeting on civil affairs, which is held every five years.

At the meeting, Li also said that the ministry will delegate local authorities to examine and approve non-public funds across the nation, aiming at improving administrative efficiency, with some non-public funds already approved by local authorities.

The functions of civil affair offices at central and provincial levels should be policymaking, supervision, investigation and assessment, and specific matters should be handed to non-governmental organizations including training and scientific research, Li said.

"China will further the innovation of the administrative system of managing civil affairs and will deepen its reform," Li added.

The ministry will also encourage local civil affairs offices to positively carry out non-profit services for the public such as community services, donation services, pension services and charitable services, Li said.

At the meeting, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu praised the hard work done by staff working in civil affairs posts and encouraged them to carry forward the spirit.

Hui also urged relevant departments at all levels to strengthen cooperation and increase the investment in national cause of civil affairs in order to promote its development.


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