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Female job seekers feel discriminated in medical check

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

16:32, March 20, 2012

WOMEN seeking civil servant jobs feel discriminated in medical checkup that also tests for sexually transmitted diseases. A Beijing-based non-profit organization is asking government authorities to cancel the STD test.

Many items in gynecological examination, such as the test for sexually transmitted diseases, violate the privacy and dignity of women and have nothing to do with daily work, said the Beijing Yirenping Center for social justice and public health.

Today's Beijing Times cited the center as saying that normal contact does not spread venereal diseases. Even syphilis, a more virulent infection, can be detected with blood test.

Its request to abolish the STD test has won many female supporters. "Many of my colleagues feel ashamed to take the test. I felt my privacy was exposed and that really depressed me. But I had to comply because I wanted the job," a newly-recruited civil servant named Xiao Li said.

However, Wu Mingjiang, a member of CPPCC, a top advisory body to the national congress, said there is no discrimination in the checkup. Women undergo more tests because of their physical differences from men.


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