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Wolf killed after attacks on humans in E China


14:36, March 20, 2012

Shandong police shot a wolf dead on Monday after seven suspected wolf attacks on people in Tengzhou in six days.

However, the police have not confirmed that the dead wolf is the one that attacked the local residents.

The police found the wolf in a wheat field Monday afternoon and shot its leg. Then they chased the wolf over 20 kilometers before killing it.

It was reported that a boy was wounded by a grey wolf-like beast on his way to school and a 62-year-old woman was bitten to death. Of the seven attacks, two died and five were injured.

The local forestry department said spring is the breeding season for wolves and they may come down from the hill to hunt for food, and end up hurting people. Meanwhile, a resident said there is a domestic wolf industry, and the wolves could run away from their feeding base.

"Wolf is a provincial protected animal, but shooting it dead is justified and legal when it threatens local people and their property," the forestry department added.


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PD User at 2012-03-21113.239.228.*
You are correct that wolves and other wild animals tend to fear humans. They do learn that people"s homes, campsites and garbage contains food. It is then a small leap to make the connection that people might be good food.
HY at 2012-03-2171.93.147.*
Wolf attacks on humans are extremely rare. Wolves tend to shy away from people, avoiding any sort of human contact. Undoubtedly, the ongoing attacks was an issue that residents would have wanted taken care of immediately. But given the rarity of wolf attacks on humans, and the fact that it was the police who handled this issue instead of officials w/ wildlife expertise, I fear that the real culprit may still be out there.

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