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Four detained after student freezes to death

By Zhao Ruixue (

14:30, March 20, 2012

Four people were put under criminal detention for dereliction of duty as prosecutors in Woyang county, Anhui province, investigated a case in which an injured 18-year-old senior high school student was treated as a mentally-retarded vagrant by police, froze to death and then abandoned by civil affairs workers, Xinhua reported on Monday.

According to the initial investigation by local prosecutors, the policemen from Gaogong town police station didn't give timely treatment to the victim after they found her unconsciousness next to a water channel on March 12, regarding her as a vagrant before transferring the case to the civil affairs office in Gaogong town.

The workers from the civil affairs office then drove the victim to the southwest of Gaogong town and deserted her in the neighboring Erlang town of Taihe county.

According to Woyang government, the victim had suffered a brain injury and was out of danger after treatment.

Four suspects, Zhang Jianfei, Jiang Zhongchang, Wang Ruipu and Zhou Yuzhu, who were involved in the case, are in detention. Further investigation is under way.


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