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When the job selection process is up in the air

By Zhang Yuchen (China Daily)

10:04, March 20, 2012

At first glance I was shocked by the reports that companies are picking applicants based on their zodiac signs, but that shock was immediately followed by the thought that the situation was ridiculous.

The first question that flashed into my mind was: Are astrological signs an accurate reflection of someone's personality? I very much doubted it and that perception was reinforced as I gathered evidence from my interviewees. Neither the scientists, employment consultants or even the "astrologers" agreed with this one-sided method of identifying talent.

So why do people use it? The words of one of my interviewees seemed to hit the nail on the head: Employers are in a hurry to assess a person, but fail to get to know their true talent, "Because they have an abundance of options." Graduates are no longer a rarity in the labor market and the estimated number of unemployed graduates in 2008 to 2009 was approximately 2 million.

Even though the statistics indicate that more than 90 percent of graduates each year succeed in finding a job, only a few were satisfied with their current position and few stay longer than three to five years. Meanwhile, restricting applications by horoscope, irrespective of someone's suitability for the position, only increases people's sense of frustration.

On the other hand, the practice of using astrological signs to check an employee's suitability, indicates much more than simply an open mind to new working methods. Horoscopes are now no longer regarded simply as superstition in China. Instead, they have been given too much importance by those who take them seriously. Far too much importance. People always ask direct questions of their astrological charts because they then expect to receive a definitive answer. But the question is: How can an answer in the stars be more certain than the one a person endeavors to create for themselves?

And why not leave oneself with a little chance of a ray of hope, at home and in the office?


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