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Poverty relief campaign offered in 798 Art Zone

By Jiao Meng (

09:07, March 20, 2012

A student signs her name in support of the "Poverty Reduction Relay 2012" campaign in Beijing's 798 Art Zone on March 18, 2012. (Photo by Jiao Meng)

Over 60 young volunteers participated in the launching ceremony of the "Poverty Reduction Relay 2012" charity campaign in Beijing's 798 Art Zone on Sunday.

The campaign was co-organized by China's branch of Youth Assembly at the United Nations and Yinongdai, a P2P lending platform to rural farmers in China. Organizers called the event a warm-up action to the Youth Assembly presentation at the UN in August.

The volunteers answered a call-to-action notice on, a Chinese social networking website popular among teenagers and college students. Within four days, the notice was relayed over 50,000 times, according to a Youth Assembly employee.

The 60 participants were divided into six teams, each was assigned the task of introducing poverty relief efforts, particularly the development of micro credits in China, to passersby, collecting wish cards from them, and inviting them to take photos with the "loving heart," a heart-shaped sign decorated with pictures of rural Chinese living in poverty. The teams held a competition to see which of them collected the most wishes.

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Poverty relief campaign offered in 798 Art Zone

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