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Labor union officials' contacts go public

By He Dan and Sun Ruisheng (

16:29, March 19, 2012

Trade unions nationwide are expected to follow the practice in North China's Shanxi province of asking trade unions leaders to release their contact information including mobile phone numbers to workers, an official from the country's top labor organization revealed on Sunday.

The labor union in Shanxi province stepped into the spotlight when it announced the new requirement for heads of all local labor unions.

The All China Federation of Trade Unions is considering issuing a regulation to make this policy a general practice nationwide, said Li Binsheng, head of the policy division of the federation.

Shanxi was not the first province to introduce the policy: Fujian pioneered it in 2011, he said.

"About 100,000 trade union officials, mainly the chairpersons and deputy chairpersons, will make public their office phone numbers and cell phone members to their members, providing timely services for about 7.5 million workers," Li Guizhong, an official from the Shanxi All Federation of Trade Unions, told China Daily on Sunday.

"Their contact information will be released in working places such as display cases, canteens and on their companies' intranets," Li Guizhong said.

He added that all officials from the province's trade unions will be required to wear badges at work and place name cards on their office desks to make themselves more visible to workers.

About 90 percent of enterprises in Shanxi have set up their own labor unions, according to Li Guizhong.

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