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60% fail physical at top university


16:08, March 19, 2012

More than 60 percent of Tsinghua University candidates failed to pass basic physical fitness tests, Beijing-based Legal Evening News reported Monday.

About 600 students took part in a series of physical tests during the top university's independent recruitment on March 18. Some 63.5 percent failed to meet basic health standards, the report said.

The tests covered six parts including height, weight, lung capacity and grip strength.

The results showed most students did not pass the step test, which involves cardiovascular excercise.

Many students give up physical exercises during the third year of senior school to devote time to the college entrance examination, which has lead to their poor heart and lung function, Liu Jingmin, vice director of the Sports Department of Tsinghua University, told the paper.

"We have too much homework and little time for exercise," said one of the examinees.

The paper also said male students had a higher failure rate than that of female students.


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