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Police rescue 41 women from forced prostitution


10:48, March 17, 2012

BEIJING, March 16 (Xinhua) -- A joint operation by police in Liaoning, Guangdong and Macao has busted a ring of 30 suspects involved in abducting women and forcing them into prostitution, said a statement released by China's Ministry of Public Security on Friday.

The swoop, which took place on March 11, also saw 41 women rescued from danger, according to the statement.

Police in the city of Donggang in Dandong of northeastern Liaoning province received a tip-off on March 5 that more than 20 women had been abducted and taken to Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR), thousands of km away in southern China, to engage in prostitution.

Under the command of the ministry, police in Donggang and Zhuhai of southern Guangdong province near Macao SAR immediately set up a special task force to investigate.

Guns, bullets and knives were confiscated from the suspects.

A police chief said the ring was "tightly organized" with a clear distribution of work and a complete network.

Suspects lured women and young girls in Dandong and took them to Macao after promising sightseeing and high-salary jobs. Once they arrived in Macao, however, these women were forced into prostitution, the police chief said.

The investigation of the case is continuing.


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