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Aid proposed for crime victims

By Gao Qihui and Zhao Yinan (China Daily)

09:05, March 16, 2012

Supporters say law would protect rights and help unify standards

Lawmakers have called for legislation to compensate victims of crimes and help them recover from trauma.

Lin Fan, deputy to the National People's Congress, said on the sidelines of the top legislature's annual session, which concluded on Wednesday, that the assistance to crime victims should be promoted because of its significance in averting social conflicts and protecting victims' rights.

Lin submitted a motion along with 30 other deputies, calling for a social relief law to improve aid to crime victims.

"China has tested such relief services for years and accumulated some experience, and a nationwide relief system with unified standards and procedures is sorely needed," he said.

Yao Juquan, president of the Henan-based Hebi Daily and an NPC deputy, endorsed Lin's motion, and said the criminal code and criminal procedure code focus more on protecting defendants, but assistance for victims has been somehow neglected.

"Criminal offenses can leave the victims and their families in poverty and despair, even after the offender is convicted. The helplessness can lead to petitioning, resentment and revenge," Yao said in a suggestion she handed to the top legislature.

In 2008, the State Council's Legislative Affairs Office sought public opinion on draft legislation that would promote social assistance to the vulnerable, including crime victims. But the proposal has not been submitted to the legislature for review.

Prosecutors, the main source of aid to crime victims, have given about 84.5 million yuan ($13.4 million) to 11,236 victims and their families since 2010, according to Procuratorial Daily.

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