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Gas devices posed threat to airport

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

08:56, March 16, 2012

City police said yesterday that they raided a den in which gas cylinders were illegally produced and sold in Changning District, posing a threat to nearby Hongqiao International Airport.

Police raided the den in an open place close to Changning's Beidi Road and Suining Road on Wednesday night, catching several suspects.

Police described the site as "a time bomb" near the airport. The storage place located beneath the planes' landing route was less than 50 meters away from the Beidi Elevated Road, police said.

The suspects locked the door in the daytime and used gas tanks to fill the cylinders at night. Most of the cylinders were second-hand and uninspected for safety. A 10-ton gas tank truck and many cylinders were seized, police said.

Authorities said a blast from a 25-kilogram gas cylinder could destroy a three-story building.


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