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Energy-efficient lights lack standard on harmful radiation

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

08:54, March 16, 2012

Local quality authorities said China lacks a standard on electromagnetic radiation released by energy-saving lights, which came after a warning from experts that the radiation could damage people's health.

Experts with the country's environmental-protection watchdogs said the radiation is harmful especially to people having sensitive constitutions.

"The opinion that electromagnetic radiation does no harm to human health is not scientific," said Zhao Yufeng, a radiation expert with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, during a seminar held in Shanghai this week. "People should be aware."

Zhao said the best way to prevent getting irradiated by energy-saving lights is to stay away from them. According to experts' tests, the radiation was 200 to 1,600 volts per meter at a distance of 10 centimeters from the lights; when the distance was 1.5 meters away, the radiation fell to about 10 volts per meter.

"People can choose energy-saving lights," said Zhao. "But such lights are not suitable for using as desk lamps or berth lamps."

Zhao said there is no need to establish a radiation standard for energy-saving lights, because there is a benchmark for indoor radiation, which has resulted in proper regulation of overall radiation.

Officials with the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision noted that when they inspect energy-saving lights, radiation is not included as there is no law or standard.


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