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Bus firm workers get paid in change


08:51, March 16, 2012

For 12 years, employees at a bus company in Central China's Henan province have been getting paid in bundles of change, CRI online reported Thursday.

"Passengers are used to paying in change when they take buses, so we receive plenty of change," said Zhang Weifeng, deputy general manager at Shangqiu Public Transportation Co Ltd in Henan province.

"However, the banks are unwilling to take deposits in change, and we have to use the change," Zhang added.

Zhang said that one thousand coins weigh 6.25 kilograms, and the salary is heavy.

"I feel happy on payday because I receive my salary, but it annoys me to get it in change," said Zhao Hui, who works at the company.

"We encourage citizens to use bus IC (integrated circuit) cards to reduce the amount of change, and we hope the banks can resolve our problem of depositing change," Zhang said.


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