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Buyers in dust-up with Apple over screens

By He Wei in Shanghai  (China Daily)

08:29, March 16, 2012

Zou Hongqing demonstrates in front of an Apple outlet in Shanghai on Thursday. Zou demanded a refund after purchasing what he claimed was a defective product from the tech giant. (Photo by Yong Kai / for China Daily)

A man threatening to smash his 27-inch iMac outside an Apple outlet on Shanghai's Middle Huaihai Road was soon asked to come into the store accompanied by 10 police officers.

"I told them I need a refund, and they owe Chinese users an apology," the man, Zou Hongqing, told China Daily.

Zou said his computer developed dust spots because of defective design and should be recalled.

He said he arrived in Shanghai six days ago to sue Best Buy, an authorized distributor of Apple.

Shanghai's Xuhui District Court will mediate between Zou and Best Buy on March 20.

Apple declined to comment on the incident, but had said earlier that the problem was caused by the dust in the air in China, rather than being a quality or design flaw, provoking outrage among users nationwide.

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