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Most respondents support anti-domestic violence law

By Xu Ye (People's Daily)

16:47, March 15, 2012

Edited and translated by Li Kunlun, People's Daily Online

Nearly 85 percents of respondents support anti-domestic violence legislation, according to a survey conducted by the All-China Women's Federation.

Eighty six percent of those surveyed believed that the domestic violence is illegal, and 93. 5 percent believed that the All-China Women's Federation and relevant departments should promote anti-domestic violence legislation.

"Domestic violence is a social problem ubiquitous all over the world. The All-China Women's Federation has been committed to the fight against domestic violence and has done a lot for that," said Jiang Yue'e, an official in charge of women's rights at the federation.

The Anti-domestic violence legislation has been put on the legislative agenda of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislative body in 2011, according to the Law Committee of the National People's Congress.


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Huaqiao at 2012-03-1575.72.239.*
Please be careful about domestic violence laws. Hope China learn something from the west where simply verbal arguments but the woman call police to drag the man to jail - no charge but return in home a couple days later, yet that arrest stay in his record and in his heart for life. Worst, she have absolute power over him and he became a licking dog, sex slave bagging for life. so, hope China not bending too far to the point where it spoil the good old thousand years old China has. You don"t have to create a law to prosecute some violence persons. There are already enough natural laws that would drag such monsters away from society.

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