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Region increases minimum wage

By Daqiong (China Daily)

09:19, March 15, 2012

Thirty-seven monks receive their pensions at a monastery in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region, on Monday. All monks and nuns aged over 60 in the Tibet autonomous region will get a basic pension allowance starting this year as local authorities aim to improve their quality of life. Phurbu Tashi / Xinhua

The Tibet autonomous region raised the minimum wage in January, the 10th increase since it established a minimum wage in 1997.

Urban minimum-wage earners will now receive 400 yuan ($63) a month, a three-fold increase from 130 yuan ($20). The rural minimum wage was doubled to 1,600 yuan a year.

According to the region's financial bureau, the increases will cost the local government 800 million yuan.

Tsering, 69, an ethnic Tibetan woman, got an allowance of 400 yuan on Tuesday from the government of Maizhokunggar county in Lhasa.

She used to make her living by knitting, but she had to stop working last year because of chronic swelling of her hands and legs.

"I used to worry that I might become a beggar because I couldn't knit anymore," she told China Daily on Tuesday.

"But I can cover my daily expenses thanks to the government's allowance and the help of my neighbors."

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