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China's schools need more parent committees: ministry


08:56, March 14, 2012

BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) -- China should "actively push forward" the establishment of parent committees at kindergartens, primary and middle schools so as to ensure parents' effective supervision of education, according to a Ministry of Education circular issued on Tuesday.

Published on the ministry's website, it said some primary and middle schools have mobilized parents to participate in educational activities and school management via parent committees, and called for the committees to be replicated elsewhere.

Local educational departments, kindergartens and schools should promote the establishment of parent committees with "more enthusiasm, more effective measures and by creating better conditions," the circular said.

The committees should offer suggestions, under the guidance of schools, on schools' work plans and important decisions, especially issues concerning immediate interests of students and parents, it said.

"Parent committees should offer educational resources and voluntary services for students to conduct extracurricular activities," it said, adding that parents should supervise schools' educational activities.

The ministry hopes that the committees can become bridges between parents and schools, by informing parents about schools' latest work and listening to and conveying parents' opinion to schools, and vise versa.

The committees should "enhance mutual understanding between schools and families," the circular went on.

Members of the committees should be selected in just, fair and open manners by students' parents and help solve prominent problems concerning school education and family education, it said.


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