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'Too much emphasis on English'

By Ma Lie (

15:49, March 13, 2012

Yu Minhong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Xindongfang Education and Technology Group, said that English education in China has received too much emphasis, reported.

Yu said that rural students received a poor education in English but had to face the same English test in university entrance exams. In consequence, many rural students could not get into better universities because they got lower marks in the exams. Yu suggested that English marks in the university entrance exams should be decreased from 150 to 100, or even 80, in order to provide more equitable conditions for rural students.


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PD User at 2012-03-13221.127.45.*
Agree totally.
CK at 2012-03-13118.101.112.*
English is an important international lagguage, more so in higer learning and research field. Given that many publications of top science and medical journals are in English, therefore, it is most appropriate that English is a must for top University student as an important criterium. Here I am talking especially about science stream student like engineering, biochemistry,physics. electronics, medicine, pharmaceutical, Pilot and aerospace science. To be fair to the rural students, may be selected by quota system, and these student selected may be based on 1) posesses some minimal standard of English (lower level than those from town 2) They must have good mathematics and science subjects studied in Chinese language 3) They must have the right aptitude for the subject that they choose to get into. 4)A Six months intensive English course for these students before they can be admitted to the University. There is not point of producing too many scientists but not workable in international platform. See the Japanese scientists, how many it took her to be powerful nation during and after the world war two, and China only need Dr. Yang ZenNing and Dr. Li ZenTao to have neuclear warheads and long ranged missle, Its quality that counts, not uantity. I am not saying Chinses is not important, but in some field, the coomand of English is a must to be excellent, especially in science subject.

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