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Dubious baby-sitter is just aiding mom

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

13:24, March 13, 2012

The anti-child-abduction campaign that swept China last year prompted people's alertness to dubious baby-sitters, but on Sunday a case raising much attention among locals turned out to be a false alert.

A young man who appeared clumsy at caring for an infant in a Metro station on Sunday was reported by fellow riders who suspected him of baby trafficking. But police said yesterday it was a false alarm.

Police took the man in for questioning and announced yesterday that one of the two women traveling with him at Line 4's downtown Hailun Road Station was the baby's mother. The man was simply a friend helping the mother.

A photo uploaded by witnesses showed the "suspect" holding the warmly outfitted baby in one arm while the other hand was handling his mobile phone. He was cornered by passengers on the Metro platform as a Metro worker reported over his radio.

Despite the false alarm, both police and the public gave a thumb-up to the spirit of their fellow citizens.


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