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Students in Gansu's Tianzhu enjoy 12 years free education


09:40, March 13, 2012

Students play games in Shimen central primary school in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Gansu Province, March 12, 2012. Local government exempted more than 5600 high school students from charging tuition in Tianzhu and also subsidized 1000 yuan (about 158 US dollar) a year for each boarder. About 20000 students from primary school to high school could enjoy 12 years free education. (Xinhua/Nie Jianjiang)

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Anon at 2012-03-15124.82.40.*
Not impressive. The first 12 years are the cheapest. If the 12 years were not free but Tertiary was free then that would something to crow about.

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