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Library alliance set up in Beijing


16:48, March 12, 2012

BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- More than 110 libraries in Beijing jointly launched the Capital Library Alliance on Monday, making book borrowing and lending more convenient for residents with library cards.

Readers in Beijing will need just one library card to borrow books from more than 110 libraries, including regional or community libraries, university, high school and primary school libraries, and hospital and army libraries, a spokesman with the alliance said at the inaugural meeting.

Libraries will also offer videos of various kinds of forums held in other libraries, enabling visitors to any library to enjoy these forums.

Moreover, the alliance is planning to hold book exchange activities and a "Capital Readers Week" every year.

The general public had previously not been allowed into university libraries, but now some will be able to visit, said Zhu Qiang, vice chairman of the alliance, adding that 30 to 40 universities in Beijing have already entered into the alliance.

After joining the alliance, university libraries will make efforts to improve their services and systems, perfect relevant facilities, and gradually open to the public, said Zhu, also chief of the library of Peking University.


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