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Taxi driver critical after rear-ended by Porsche

By Liang Yiwen  (Shanghai Daily)

16:36, March 12, 2012

A taxi driver was in critical condition and two passengers on board were injured less seriously after the cab was rear-ended by a Porsche on Yan'an Elevated Road over the weekend.

The Porsche driver, surnamed Cui and in his 20s, was detained by police for suspected drunken driving, police said yesterday.

The two cab passengers, a Finn and a Taiwanese, suffered many bruises and were in stable condition. But the 59-year-old cabbie suffered a serious brain injury and was under care in a hospital last night.

The taxi driver, surnamed Wei, had driven the cab for more than 15 years and was about to retire in one year, his wife said.

The Porsche was speeding and made dangerous lane changes frequently before it rammed into the Haibo taxi near the Xizang Road exit about 10pm Saturday, police said. The Porsche didn't stop until it hit the middle road guardrail. The back of the taxi was severely damaged and deformed while the front of the Porsche was destroyed.

Cui's girlfriend was with him in the two-seat car when the accident happened. Cui had a strong smell of alcohol and was very uncooperative with police when they required an alcohol test, witness said.

Woman missing after river crash

Meanwhile, a temple visitor went missing after driving her car into a river yesterday afternoon in suburban Baoshan District.

The Buick crashed through a stone fence and plunged into the Lianqi River about 2:40pm as the woman in her 30s was trying to park her car by the river in front of the Baoshan Temple.

The car sank swiftly and drifted east. The driver couldn't open her car door and waved her hands for help. But she soon disappeared with the car.

The temple security guard, Zhao Jianhu, witnessed the scene and rushed inside the temple to get an axe to help the woman break the window. But the car disappeared before he came back.

"I jumped into the river but failed to find the car," he told Shanghai Daily.


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