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Hey job candidate, what's your sign? (2)

By  Zheng Yi (Global Times)

15:15, March 12, 2012

Rapid revisions

"The posting from Guangzhou Opal Living Company has been revised with the astrology requirements deleted," Luo Xianfeng, deputy dean of the employment guidance and service center of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the Global Times.

According to Luo, the recruitment information was first approved and posted on the Internet by students who worked over the weekend. When Luo discovered that the posting had gone online, he instantly called the company, who apologized.

"I think the company is not very serious about its hiring process…I decided to revise its recruitment information," said Luo, who added that skills rather than horoscope matches should be sought by potential employers.

A Guangzhou Opal Living Company staff member surnamed Li told the Global Times that the recruitment information was published by their distributors in Hubei Province without their approval.

An employer's market

Shang Chongsheng, a professor at Wuhan University, believes that the company published such odd recruitment requirements in to attract attention and expand its notoriety.

In fact, more and more employers have adopted strange requirements for applicants, such as high alcohol tolerance and blood type. Some even go so far as to require female candidates to be single and remain so for several years, according to, a news portal in Hunan Province.

"It is incredible that employers can set up so many odd requirements," said Wang Hongcai, an education professor at Xiamen University.

According to Wang, the number of applicants currently exceeds that of vacancies in the employment market, creating an environment in which employers are allowed to make unreasonable demands.

"I hope the government will reinforce its management of employers to protect students' rights," said Wang. "I also hope that employers will think more carefully about employment standards when recruiting staff."

In this difficult reality, many applicants have to accept these requirements because of pressures to find a job, leaving many people in a tough spot.

"I encourage students to take the time to rationally examine the requirements put forth by potential employers to choose the right job," said Wang.

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