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Missing geologists in Kekexili still unfound


16:12, March 10, 2012

XINING - The three geologists who went missing on a field trip to the remote Kekexili nature reserve three weeks ago were still unfound, rescuers in northwest China's Qinghai Province said Saturday.

More than 1,000 rescuers from Qinghai and Shaanxi provinces, Tibet Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Beijing have been searching the vast expanse of uninhabited land for the missing people and their vehicle, but of no avail.

The three geologists, including 36-year-old Yang Nengchang, 53-year-old Gao Chongmin and 23-year-old Rong Hao, were reported missing on February 19, the day they were scheduled to return to their campsite from a three-day excursion, said Bai Linke, head of the emergency rescue taskforce.

All three worked for a subsidiary of the state-owned Shaanxi Geological and Mineral Resources Development Corporation of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, said Shen Anbin, a company executive who is assisting the rescue efforts.

The geologists arrived in Kekexili last September for a survey that was scheduled to last until the end of April.

On February 17, the three men left on a Cherokee jeep to collect geological data at 60 different locations near Tripug Dratso, a lake area with a large expanse of wetlands and swamps, Shen said.

Their colleagues and relatives have not heard from them since, though they were known to have a satellite phone.

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