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Road rage killer sparks public fury


13:33, March 10, 2012

BEIJING - An angry man who deliberately knocked down and killed a pedestrian with his SUV over a squabble in broad daylight on a Beijing street has sparked public fury and an outcry for moral decency behind the wheels.

The killer, surnamed Xu, drove his Dodge SUV into Mr. Sun and crushed him to death last Sunday after Sun had uttered provocative words and stood in front of Xu's vehicle over a road dispute, Beijing police and witnesses said.

The accident happened at around 9 am at a crossing in Tiancun community of western Beijing and was witnessed by a large crowd of onlookers.

Some of the witnesses shot photos and video of the scene and posted them on the web.

The postings spread quickly at major portal websites and online forums including's microblogging service, and instantly aroused public fury.

Many witnesses also described how their squabble had started after the ill-fated Sun blamed Xu's wife, who was driving another vehicle and almost knocked him down while making a turn. Sun allegedly used vehement rhetoric that infuriated Xu, who got into his SUV, knocked Sun down and backed the vehicle to crush him.

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Bijn at 2012-03-2324.215.200.*
China definitely needs to set up strict high quality and safe driving schools before anyone gets behind the wheel. Pedestrians also need to be educated about how to get along with traffic.
PD User at 2012-03-1524.26.135.*
Genocidal maniac? Shameful and disgusting? For calling for the heads of two greedy scum who would so callously murder over something so petty when it was they who caused the problem in the first place? For pointing out that any decent society must get rid of its evil elements in order to survive and thrive? My remark on flawed genes was directed to those of the individuals involved and not to any ethnic group, society or country. Indeed, this American admires the Chinese people, their history, their struggles, their triumphs and their potential. The reason I said "nip this in the bud" is because I don"t want to see you become like America, where our rotten society tolerates scum like Xu and his wife. When a society fails to get rid of its scum, chaos ensues and only the good suffer. Uphold the honor of your courts and your society and get rid of these scum. Execute them in the name of public decency. You and your children will be better off, which is the opposite of genocidal mania and shameful disgust. Jack Smith, USA
PD User at 2012-03-1598.223.58.*
Jack Smith"s comment about "flawed genes" speaks clearly about his own set of disgusting genes. This man appears to be a genocidal maniac! Shameful and disgusting. Glad the USA is not full of such people.
Sam Teng at 2012-03-13210.195.54.*
Road bullies in my country is punished severely..No matter who is right, you cannot take the laws into your own hands. And to be the judge and executioner at the same time, Xu had snuffed out the life of another human being due to road rage. This is blatantly irresponsible, cruel and unforgiveable. Xu should be punished according to his crime.
yang at 2012-03-12219.233.181.*
Driver education may stop some of these bad drivers in China. The car is new to the Chinese person; it is a 2 ton killing machine, when in the hands of an uneducated driver.

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