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Hotel covers up after nude statues stir public concern

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

08:48, March 07, 2012

A local five-star hotel has covered up a set of sculptures depicting a nude man and nude woman physically touching each other after the art stirred up great controversy.

The five white statues on the roof garden of the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai have stunned locals for their revealing content, and some criticized them as pornographic and harmful to social morality.

The hotel was surprised by the debate and pointed out that the sculptures are placed inside the hotel, not in a public place.

Opponents said it's easy for children to see the "obscene" sculptures as the hotel in the Pudong New Area is surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings.

The statues vividly depict a robust man and a full-figured woman kissing and hugging in different poses, with the man's hand even touching the woman's private parts.

The statues have been up for about half a year, but they didn't arouse much attention until recently, when web users uploaded the photos.

Most people are bewildered by the meaning of the statues and the hotel's intention in setting them up.

Liu Sisi, a local white-collar worker, ran into the sculptures when attending a business conference in the hotel. She said she was shocked by their erotic elements.

"Do they represent Nuwa and Fuxi (the earthly mother and heavenly father in Chinese mythology)?" she wondered.

Some made jokes about the hotel and said the statues make them suspect its business.

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lovingchina at 2012-03-07183.39.49.*
Why must a 5*star hotel need to be a fool and an obscene example of sexuality? That region is known for religious obedience too; and it is a total naivety and stupidity lacking sensitivity of the locals and respect for others. CPC ought to de-license hotels practising such future exhibits since any hotel is a public place to be visited by any guest, inside or outside of it.

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