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Moms scout for Web smut


16:43, March 06, 2012

BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 Beijing moms regularly trawl the Internet for salacious content -- not because they have a taste for it, but to keep the Web clean for kids.

Wang Ting, who works in the financial department of a technology firm, is a member of the "Mothers Panel." Her daughter is a college sophomore and Wang said they both like to surf the Internet. But she said obscene content frequently appears out of nowhere.

"I really don't want kids to see these things on the Internet. Children lack judgment. It's easy for them to be adversely affected," she said.

Wang, a founding member of the volunteer group, said members surf the Internet to find lewd content. They then make a report to the government-backed Beijing Association of Online Media (BAOM), which asks offending websites to remove indecent content.

Members of the panel also hold seminars and exchange experience in an online forum, Wang said.

According to the BAOM, the "Mothers Panel" is part of a broader clean Internet campaign. The campaign also includes a telephone hotline and a mechanism for reviewing Internet news. In addition, the campaign encourages websites to police themselves.

But Wang still thinks individuals must take responsibility for keeping the Internet clean.

"Every citizen should monitor the Internet. If we just rely on websites, it's difficult to ensure a clean Web environment. The best guarantee of having clean websites is when everyone acts appropriately while posting materials and maintains a minimum of moral behavior," Wang said.


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