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'A model of devotion to duty'

By Daqiong and An Baijie (China Daily)

08:38, March 06, 2012

Jin Shuping (right), the late deputy chief procurator at the Chengguan district procuratorate in Lhasa, visits a local resident's home in 2005. She had a brain hemorrhage at work on Aug 2 and died on Sept 5, aged 48. (Fu Wei / Xinhua)

The country's top procuratorial body recently called on procurators across the nation to learn from the example of a procurator in Tibet autonomous region whose devotion to duty won her respect from colleagues and the local community.

Jin Shuping, the late deputy chief procurator at the Chengguan district procuratorate in Lhasa, fell into a coma after having a brain hemorrhage during a work conference on Aug 2. She died on Sept 5 at the age of 48.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate honored Jin as "model procurator" on Feb 12 and called on procurators nationwide to learn from her devotion to her work.

Before falling into a coma, she suffered a nose bleed at work on July 29. After persuading her to seek medical attention, her colleagues suggested she should have a rest, but she refused.

Xie Yansheng, chief procurator of the Chengguan district procuratorate in Lhasa, asked two police officers to escort her to hospital, but she returned to work the next day, according to a report in the People's Daily.

Jin's mother is a Tibetan, while her father is Han. She had been working in Lhasa's plateau region, which has an altitude of 3,650 meters, since 1982.

Jin achieved fame in 1997 when she refused to show favoritism to her younger brother Jin Rong when she was investigating him.

Jin Rong, a policeman, had detained a suspect for questioning for four days, exceeding the statutory limit of two days.

After becoming aware of her brother's misdemeanor, she publicly criticized him for his violation of the regulations.

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