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High-heels race for Women's Day


14:36, March 05, 2012

Female runners in high-heeled shoes in a 100-meter race at Shanghai Happy Valley on Sunday for the forthcoming Women’s Day which will fall on March 8. (Photo/

SHANGHAI - Shanghai Happy Valley kicked off a 100-meter race for women in high heels on Sunday as part of its activities to celebrate Women's Day, which will fall on March 8.

The women were required to run the race in shoes with 5 centimeter high heels, mixing fashion and beauty, said Yang Yuying from the Administration Department of Shanghai OCT Co Ltd.

Participants were aged from 20 to 30. Most came from universities, shops and offices. "I come to run just for fun," said Qian Chunli, a saleswoman aged 26 from the city's Songjiang district.

"We will launch the second race on March 8 with more girls expected to attend," Yang said.


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