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Rubbish piles up on beaches of Hainan

(People's Daily Online)

08:03, March 05, 2012

Household garbage piles up on beaches of Yinggehai Town, Ledong Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province.

Hainan has developed 17 key holiday resorts since last year. The Yinggehai Town is on the future developing list.

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donato at 2012-03-12220.244.108.*
Is Hainan too far away for the Central Government to correct anomalies? I have heard of malpractice of certain restaurant using coercion to inflate prices some 1000 folds. It is bad for the island as well as the country as a whole. Something MUST BE DONE to stop the rot.
elee at 2012-03-06183.39.40.*
It does say so much about management and supervision of Hainan governments; and the mental attitudes of people say so much about primitive quality lifestyle; thus as if people are throwing China back another 100 years! No wonder many Chinese are admiring foreign national beauties thinking that those countries are being gifted with clean and hygenic environments so shamefully that they could not see all these are human caused!
lovingchina at 2012-03-05183.39.37.*
It is a sign of primitive mindset, isn"t it disgusting?
Peter at 2012-03-0524.87.27.*
Looks as if the time has come for a National Clean-UP day. Same old story everyone is looking for someone-else to pick up the garbage. Shame on the Litter-Bugs
PD User at 2012-03-05113.231.245.*
China has every form of pollution known. Trash is just thrown on the ground or rivers. Industry pollutes the air far worse than any other cities on Earth.

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