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Putting child's play back into kindergarten

By Cang Wei and Song Wenwei (China Daily)

10:27, March 02, 2012

NANJING - Five-year-old Zhu Xinyu doesn't like kindergarten. He has to learn Chinese characters, mathematics and a foreign language there.

The boy, who lives in Yangzhou, in East China's Jiangsu province, is reluctant to go to kindergarten every morning. Zhou Wen, his mother, said that she has to spend more than 10 minutes each day trying to cheer him up.

Like Zhu, millions of Chinese children may be reluctant to go to kindergarten. The reason? Academic pressure is to blame.

But things are about to change in Jiangsu.

According to regulations that will take effect today, "all the early childhood education that is contrary to the nature of preschool children" will be prohibited, including the reading and writing of Chinese characters and the spelling of foreign-language words.

The regulations also stipulate that interesting activities should be held to inspire children to feel and explore, and to develop their interest and imagination.

"Chinese kindergartens traditionally focused too much on academic studies, which may be quite difficult for preschool children," said Liao Liying, secretary-general of the China National Society of Early Childhood Education.

"In recent years, more children in China have been found to be wary of early childhood programs, with some even feeling afraid of kindergartens," Liao said.

Zeng Fanlin, a professor from the preschool and special education school under East China Normal University, said the regulations of Jiangsu province signify great progress, but more effort should be made by kindergartens to change their educational practices.

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sunny at 2012-03-06218.25.204.*
Really, our children have a heavy study burden. My baby, he is only four.But every day ,he always do homework about 1.5hours. Such as chinese characters, mathematics,english,and so on. We don"t want to let him do that. But, he said that teacher will anger if he don"t that. Every morning,he always said that he didn"t want to go to kindergarten. Sometimes he said" I am fever, I cann"t go to kindergarten." sometimes he said" it"s very cold, I cann"t go to kindergarten." and so on.But we know, we must let him to go to kindergarten, otherwise, he will not catch up with others. His grandparents always said "Can not let our baby lose at the starting line", but this words let a lot of children lost their nice childhood.Why cann"t we give them a nice childhood. What can we do?The answer is"Nothing!"If we don"t do that, our baby will not enter a good school, and he will not a good future.The Chinese educational system and the examine system determine everything.If we want change it all, the country must issue a more impeccable educational system.For children"s nice childhood, we all expect that day!

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