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Man arrested as infant found abandoned in airport

By Guo Rui (China Daily)

09:43, March 02, 2012

A 3-month-old baby boy was found abandoned at Wuhan Tianhe Airport on Tuesday. (China Daily Photo)

WUHAN - A 3-month-old baby boy was found abandoned at Wuhan Tianhe Airport on Tuesday and a suspect was later arrested, local police said on Thursday.

A cleaner who works at the airport heard the baby making sounds and when she went to investigate, found him on a chair in the arrivals lounge.

When no one claimed the baby after two hours, the local civil affairs bureau took over.

Chen Xiaokui, director of the shelter station under the civil affairs authority in Huangpi district, told China Daily that he sent the baby to hospital because he appeared to be ill.

"He was suffering from congenital heart disease and pneumonia," Chen said, adding that they had spent some 1,200 yuan ($190) on his medical treatment.

Chen said that he and his colleagues arrived at Tianhe Airport around 9 pm after hearing the report. They felt anger toward the person who abandoned the baby, he said.

"We find seven or eight abandoned babies each year," Chen said.

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