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Cities to test, assess methanol-powered cars

By Wang Zheng (People's Daily)

16:02, March 01, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) has decided to launch pilot projects of testing methanol-powered automobiles in Shaanxi province, Shanxi province and Shanghai municipality, said an official from the MIIT on Feb. 28.

The official said that, by carrying out pilot projects for two or three years, China should complete the assessments on the feasibility, reliability, economic efficiency, safety and environment-friendly level of the high-methanol automobile; make technical specifications for methanol-powered automobile products, set up main standards and establish standard systems for the methanol-powered automobile; propose specifications for the reconstruction, construction and management of supporting facilities for the high-methanol automobile and make studies as well as propose suggestions for the methanol-powered automobile industry.

China started to develop and use the methanol-powered automobile in the 1980's. Current researches show that methanol could be used as a replacement fuel of automobile. Its regular emission is quite clear and the amount of formaldehyde in the minor emission is the same as that from the diesel oil. If operating rules are followed, the methanol fuel will not harm the human health.

In the short run, methanol could be considered as a replacement of gasoline and diesel in for China. In the long run, using the methanol has great strategic significance for China's energy security.


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wende at 2012-03-0171.255.93.*
If one has to use corn or other grains to product methanol, then it is not advantageous as food will become scarce and food prices will shoot up.
chinaviewer at 2012-03-01216.105.80.*
High purity Methanol is very volatile and extrimely toxic,not a good replacement.

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