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Cancer patient's grievances draw attention


14:28, March 01, 2012

SHANGHAI, March 1 (Xinhua) -- A Shanghai teacher's online post that voiced the grievances of his father, a retiree with lung cancer, has gained widespread attention from the Chinese public, as well as a top Shanghai government official.

The post, written by high school teacher Qin Ling, was addressed to the city's top official Yu Zhengsheng.

Qin described himself as a "stressed-out" son and a "devoted Communist Party of China (CPC) member," adding that his 59-year-old father is a former state company employee who has been laid off for 14 years.

"In the past two months, we have suffered shock, grief and despair. But there is little we can do. My father's days are numbered," Qin wrote.

Qin's father was diagnosed with lung cancer in December, but was denied hospitalization by at least two public hospitals.

"I was helpless and bewildered when I was told by one hospital after another that they could not take him in," Qin said.

When he accompanied his father to the emergency room in an ambulance, Qin said a doctor reminded him he had to "find connections."

"He said no further treatment would be provided otherwise," Qin wrote.

True to the doctor's words, Qin's father was forced out of the hospital after receiving emergency treatment and was later denied a bed at another hospital.

"Then, a general practitioner at our community clinic told me I had to lie about my father's disease, because no hospital wants to take in a cancer patient," Qin wrote.

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