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New rule on package checking goes into effect


13:47, March 01, 2012

BEIJING, March 1 (Xinhua) -- A new regulation stipulating that every package must be opened and checked to see what clients send went into effect Thursday, according to a statement from Beijing postal authorities.

Express delivery workers are required to stamp their names on the waybills after ensuring the safety of a package, according to the statement.

Letters will also be examined, if necessary, but the content will not be checked, the statement said.

Express delivery workers can refuse to send packages that senders refuse to have examined, according to the State Post Bureau.

"Beijing postal authorities have asked delivery companies to carry out package inspections since 2008, but it has not been well-enforced," said Wu Xiaoming, deputy director of the bureau's policy and regulation office.

"Strengthening the implementation of the regulation out of safety concerns is of great importance," Wu said, adding that not doing so has resulted in many bad incidents in the past.

Earlier in February, a package exploded in the southern city of Guangzhou, injuring the receiver in the sender's attempt at revenge. And a similar case happened in August last year in the eastern provincial city of Hangzhou, injuring two workers.

"To avoid such cases, couriers are asked to examine mailed packages, paying special attention to liquids, powders and unidentified electronic equipment," Wu said.

Zhang Jinjing, director of the management department of ZJS Express, which delivers more than 32 million packages annually, said that checking packages will add costs to business operations.

"Opening a package will cost the couriers an extra five minutes, more of less, reducing their work efficiency and increasing costs," Zhang said, "which, in turn, could possibly result in higher costs for clients in the long run."


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